Puget Sound Soaring Association, Inc.

Introductory Flight Certificates 

For those who would like to experience soaring, PSSA offers a 30-day introductory membership that includes one glider flight and the option to return and make additional flights at a reduced cost. Reservations are recommended  during the busy flying season.  Without a reservation introductory flights are made on a first come first serve basis.  Depending on the conditions of the day these flights typically last approximately thirty minutes.  Our fight certificates make for a unique and unforgettable experience ... a great gift for most any occasion

Note: Due to the weight & balance limitations of the gliders, passenger weight is limited to 235 lbs. maximum.

Flight Certificates with Introductory Membership

$170.00 each*.

 To purchase Flight Certificates call Tim at 425-466-9201

* Recipient may make additional flights within 30 days of the introductory flight at a cost of $110 per flight.

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General Questions about PSSA

Weekend Operations Message: 206-660-0019 after 9:30am