Puget Sound Soaring Association, Inc.

Welcome to Puget Sound Soaring Association


GREAT NEWS, Puget Sound Soaring has resumed flying introductory glider flights, student training flights and required currency flights with two people onboard the glider. If you feel cold or flu symptoms, or you've been sick in the last 14 days, or if you've been around sick people in the last 14 days, you'll need to delay your visit to the field. 

Who we are / Where we fly

PSSA is a glider flying club that operates out of Bergseth Airfield located just 4 miles NE of Enumclaw, WA. We operate on weekends and occasional weekdays March through October.   Please refer to our map for directions.

Come fly with us!

If you are interested in learning about flying gliders or just making a flight or two we offer a short term 30 day Introductory Membership.  If you are interested in learning to fly gliders, members of the club will be happy to explain the process for earning an FAA Glider Pilot License.  If you are already a rated power pilot the requirements to obtain a glider rating are significantly reduced.  See our brochure or the FAR's for the requirements.  Before you come to Bergseth Field we suggest you call our Operation Line at 206-660-0019 after 9:30 am on the day you would like to visit.  You will hear a recorded message with information about the days operation, what time flight operations will begin and any weather or other issues that may effect the days operation.

Or,  just come check it out!

Our soaring site offers beautiful and unique soaring opportunities. With a five mile long, 2000' high ridge being less than 1/2 mile from the airport it's a perfect starting point for soaring the western slope of the Cascade Mountains.  The club flys two 2 place gliders, and one single place glider. There are also several members fly their own private gliders.  Our towplane is a classic Piper Super Cub.  The airfield which is used exclusively by PSSA is located just four miles northeast of the town of Enumclaw, WA.  Come check it out!

Introductory Glider Flight Certificate - $170.00

For Flight Certificates Call: 425-466-9201

Recorded Operations Line: 206-660-0019

PSSA's Bergseth Airfield view west