Puget Sound Soaring Association, Inc.

PSSA Rates and Fees

Current Membership, Glider & Tow rates effective 3/13/2017

Club Fees

Introductory Membership - 30 days (Includes one demo flight) .

Note: Due to the weight & balance limitations of the gliders, passenger weight is limited to 240 lbs max.


Initiation Fee


Club Share


Annual Dues - Regular Active Member*


Annual Dues - Family Member*


Annual Dues - Instructor or Tow Pilot Members*


Volunteer Instructor or Tow Pilot Members**


Social Member

$75 per year

Soaring Society of America Dues (required for PSSA membership)

Yearly Dues Soaring Society of America - Regular Active Member***


Family/Youth Member***


Flight related fees***

Aerotow - First 1000' of altitude difference


Aerotow - Additional 100'


Glider Rental per hour, prorated to the minute, minimum 20 minutes ($10.00)


Simulated Rope Break (< 500ft)


Glider retrieval by tow plane (tach hour rate, 1/10th hour increments) and any other tow plane uses.


*PSSA annual dues are payable in two payments and pro-rated from January 1 through December 31.
** Full SSA Dues are collected at signup.

**Volunteer Instructors and Tow Pilots are members who only provide those specific services to PSSA and are not eligable to hold office, vote, or rent PSSA aircraft. Please refer to the Bylaws and Operating Rules for complete details.

*** For billing, tow and rental rates are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount

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